Used 36″ X 80′ Low Profile Truss Frame Conveyor w/Radial Carrier


36″ X 80′ TRUSS FRAME CONVEYOR W/STRAIGHT CARRIER designed for the easy transportation of bulk materials and simplified highway transport, our Portable Lattice Frame Conveyors also move material for a longer distance. Our 36″ X 80′ lattice frame conveyors can be used for multiple purposes. These include being used as a grasshopper/transfer conveyor, stationary conveyor and are very well suited to stacking materials, especially together with our straight and radial carriers.

Standard Package Price – $43,600.00

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Lightly Used Low Profile 36″ X 80′ Specifications:

  • Portable Radial Undercarriage.
  • 25HP electric motor drive with Falk Quadrive 5215J shaft mounted speed reducer.
  • 16″ Lagged directional head pulley with 2 7/16″ diameter head shaft.
  • 16″ Self-cleaning flat bar tail pulley with 2 7/16″ diameter tail shaft and adjustable 44″ take-ups.
  • 35° x 5″ dia. CEMA “C” troughing  and return rollers.
  • 2 guide rolls on the return belt side at the tail end of the conveyor. One training/guide idler on trough side.
  • 28″ deep lattice frame construction with inset idlers. 6′ receiving hopper with 6″ rubber flashing. 2-ply belting with 3/16″x1/16″ covers.
  • Drive, nip, pinch-rail, tail pulley guards.
  • Belt speed approximately 320 FPM.
  • Radial Carrier equipped with dual tires and air brakes
  • Manual lower/raise and manual travel
  • Power travel option available for $3,300
  • F.O.B.: Phoenix, AZ
Optional Consideration:

Conveyor Options

  • Add for belt scraper $1,300
  • Add for backstop $475
  • Add for 3-ply belt $1,100