36″ x 60′ Channel Frame Conveyor

  • 60 Channel side view
  • 60 Channel front view


36″ X 60′ CHANNEL FRAME CONVEYORS are perfect material flow systems for those mining sand and gravel. Being stackable, these channel frame conveyors have the potential to carry out larger scale projects without losing their functionality and portability. With a lower profile, our channel conveyors are well suited to fitting into more confined spaces as well as in conjunction with additional feeding or crushing equipment.

Standard Package Price – $16,700.00

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  • 20HP WorldWide industrial grade motor and Leroy Somers 215 shaft mount reducer.
  • 13 1/2″ Lagged directional head pulley with 2 7/16″ diameter head shaft, Browning bushings and Sealmaster bearings.
  • 13 1/2″ Self-cleaning flat bar tail pulley with 2 7/16″ diameter tail shaft, Browning bushings, Sealmaster bearings and adjustable 16″ take-ups.
  • 35° x 5″ dia. CEMA “C” troughing  and return rollers.
  • 10″ deep channel frame construction. 6′ receiving hopper with 6″ rubber flashing. 2-ply belting with 3/16″x1/16″ covers.
  • Drive, nip, pinch-rail, tail pulley guards.
  • Belt speed approximately 235 FPM.