1999 Caterpillar 365 KW Skid-Mounted Generator

  • Cat Generator side view
  • Cat Generator
  • Cat Generator front view


1999 CATERPILLAR 365 KW SKID-MOUNTED GENERATOR available to meet any application. This clean generator is suitable for either standby/emergency power, continuous or prime power applications.

Price – $32,500

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  • 1999 Caterpillar 3406 Diesel Engine, serial number: 1LS00842. CSC purchased the Engine and Generator from a Caterpillar Dealer in late 1999.This is an early Tier I engine.
  • 1999 Caterpillar SR4B Generator, serial number: 9DR02968. It has a prime base rate of 456 KVA and 360KW contnuous. 3/60/480. 549 amps base rate.
  • The 365 KW Generator Set has been used approximately 14,950 hours.
  • The Generator set is skid mounted without a fuel tank.
  • Dimensions: 4’8″ wide x 11’8″ long x 8’8″ high.
  • ID: 9-283L
  • F.O.B.: Phoenix, AZ